5 Reason To Use Drop Shipping on Wish

I just read an article about 5 Reasons not to use Drop Shipping on eBay. It seems true, people do have many problems with Drop Shipping on ebay.

#5 - Out of Stock Equals Bad Feedback
Some popular items are quickly sold out. The inventory stuff is always a big problem for people who doing dropshipping business. That’s why we working on our new features for our customers to know how much left in Stock. We are also working on some API features, allowing you guys to sync your inventory . But you need technical staffs to use this features. It’s still a awesome thing. We just need time to get it online.

#4 - PayPal won't Hold Your Funds
Paypal do have a great system to control the risk even though it’s sometimes annoying for business man. Recently Paypal just break up with Wish, but with the trustworthy system from Wish. We believe this platform still has a huge potential.

#3 - Direct from the Source Competition
About the Chinese double dipping companies, we do have competition with this kind of company. On ebay says the price a lot. But many Chinese wholesalers can’t provide good custom service. And the international delivery sucks quite often. But Wish has this wonderful system to calculate about the shipping time. The price is not so important here.  It’s more about social Network marketing. That means also that the profit could be much higher than ebay.

#2 - Profit Margin is Above $0
It’s kind of like number 3. I will not call dropshipping business as high profit market for single person. You still have to work hard to select the products, and make attracting pics and a lot of time on services. With Wish you may get a higher Profit Margin.

#1 - Drop Shipping does Work on Wish
People says that Drop Shipping doesn’t work on eBay. I don’t want to judge. But Drop Shipping should work on Wish. But you still have to find a good drop shipper. I know that international delivery sucks always, but our American warehouse is really great. The biggest market on Wish is also in America.

Well, I hope I don’t have convinced you to stay away from drop shipping on eBay. But I do recommend you try it on Wish. But you still have to read the details of Terms of Use on Wish.

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