Benefits of US Warehouse

When it comes time to determine if you should work with US dropshippers or overseas dropshippers for your Ecommerce business, the choice can be tough.
Especially when the overseas competitors are offering lower prices than the US dropshippers and it appears to be more cost effective by working with those overseas dropshippers. Obviously though, because they can get the job done for a little less.
You see the thing is though, there is a vast difference between working with US dropshippers and overseas dropshippers and who you choose to do business with is truly going to determine the success of you business greatly.
With so many things that can go wrong in the dropshipping business model when you can’t be in close contact. I can’t see why you would not choose to go with US dropshippers apposed to the cheaper overseas dropshippers. However, if that is the way you are leaning, think about making an educated decision once you have examined the benefits of US dropshippers below.
First things first is contact ability between you and the dropshippers. Often US dropshippers will focus on this aspect of their business and allow for staff to be on hand for support when you as a dropshipping client may need it. Although when it comes to overseas dropshippers, generally you are limited to just e-mail contact ability and not only does that allow for slow response time, but there is also a language barrier that may occur too.

The most important reason you want to use a great US dropshipper is because they are close to not only your client, but also you. This is a huge advantage an reason why you should choose to work with US dropshippers, especially when these companies have the ability to ship to your clients for far less than any dropshipper overseas because of close proximity. You should also note that the shipping costs are on average 1/3 of the cost compared to overseas dropshippers also.
Made in China
Where you’re products are made is a huge thing, and if you are getting your products shipped from anywhere in Asia, chances are the quality of those products are not going to be the best. Which from a business point of view can be seen as quite important when you are putting your name and brand behind those products. You don’t want to generate a bad reputation for selling non-quality products to your clients for full retail prices. You could only imagine how long your dropshipping business will last then right.
One last thing you need to consider when choosing to work with US dropshippers or overseas dropshippers is the currency in which you are buying and either selling. If you are buying in a different currency to what you are selling it at, you will be open to paying a lot of currency transaction fees, which mind you can add up after a multitude of sales.

Sure the choice is yours to be made at the end of the day, after all it is your business. However, if you are selling online to the US it would be a wise move to work with US dropshippers for the ease and the cost. I hope this post helped you to decide what is the right choice for you’re business, and if you are having trouble finding reputable US dropshippers, be sure to find only the best right here.

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