What is difference between Wholesale and Dorpshipping?

You guys may ask this question, when you came to our page.

Wholesale = reseller buys the stock in wholesale quantities from the supplier. Reseller stores the stock for resale.

Buying in larger quantities often means (but not always) getting a better price. But it also means you have to buy your stock

Drop shipping = reseller doesn't buy stock the products are stored by the drop shipper who takes care of fulfilling individual orders on behalf of the reseller. The moment a reseller receives an order, you place another order. The reseller never sees the product, which is shipped directly to the end user. In this fulfillment model, the reseller focuses on promoting the product through eBay, his own website or offline marketing, and in exchange the drop shipper benefits from an army of marketers all promoting his products.

And this is where the main issues with drop shipping arise. Drop shipping is not a new model, however you will find that many scammers setting up services asking for money to drop ship. Real drop shippers have NEVER asked for money to drop ship their goods, it is in their interests to recruit new resellers, and they would never dare to place an obstacle between themselves and resellers.

Many new resellers misunderstand that the advantage of the drop shipping model is not just for the reseller, but also for the drop shipper. Drop ship scammers are very aware that many new resellers see only the advantages to themselves, and they exploit this perception by charging drop shipping fees. What's worse is that most of the paid drop shipping services are run by middlemen, which means that the prices they offer are above online retail prices!

Therefore the simple answer is: never pay money to have products drop shipped. If you do, it means you are dealing with a middleman and that you haven't yet found the real wholesale drop shipper.

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