How to create your online store in minutes dropshiping with Mabisy

create an online store dropshipping Involves several key steps different from a conventional online store.
In this article, we will guide you in dropshiping how to create your online store in minutes and step by step.

  1. Create name for your business memorable Dropshipping, reading and writing. It also creates a domain, check that it is free and register. Note that some platforms of online stores also offer web hosting. Indeed, Mabisy has all this. Register the company name also in Finance and Social Security.
  2. Decide what kind of products you want to sell. Investigate the needs of the people and how you could solve their problems.
  3. Looking for wholesale suppliers that sell the products you want by dropshipping. You can view Tmart Dropshipping
  4. Calls several wholesale suppliers and manufacturers and or f réceles the opportunity to work with dropshipping Many companies and manufacturers do not even know this method of selling. Select the wholesaler or manufacturer and supplier that offers the lower unit cost Because you'll need them to buy products at cost to take profits on sales.
  5. Get An Merchant Account through your bank so you're able to accept orders credit card .
  6. Get images products your wholesaler or manufacturer and supplier. Request samples products if the wholesaler does not supply images. Photograph your products do not facilitate quality images and make them before hanging in the store. Clearly describe your product and indicates their formats, colors, sizes and prices conspicuously.
  7. Create contact page on your site with your business name, address, phone number and email address.
  8. Register your online shop in search engines . This step only takes two minutes. You can read this article to register your online shop in the major search engines: .
  9. While the stock manages your supplier and orders you're sure making customers. Note VAT and payments cost price to your supplier. Before giving the order for shipping, you must have all this well ordered. Then the order invoice to your customer.
  10. Sends products to your customers and beam track shipping until it is in the hands of your customers, on the website of the courier company. When you know that your client already has and has not claimed you or has applied for a change, should send a message to values ​​your service and make appropriate changes if necessary.
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